Barb Wire Dolls – Rub My Mind

As the story goes legendary Lemmy Kilmister discovered Barb Wire Dolls and signed them to Motörhead Music. Now Barb Wire Dolls continue their explosive career with the newest release “Rub My Mind” recorded at the legendary studio Rancho De Luna in California.

“Back In The USSA” relies on catchy rhythms and raw punk rock energy with simple but entertaining guitar riffs and savage vocals.

“If I Fall” bears the same fiery raw exciting guitar dynamics but offers also additional music textures with extra groovy bass lines and consistently rebellious vocals.

On “Desert Song” you can perceive the Joshua Tree desert influence as graceful guitar melodies acquire hazy tones while Isis Queen delivers a particularly flamboyant vocal performance with emotive intensity.

“Fade Away” slows down but doesn’t feel like your standard rock ballad as the languid bluesy melodic guitars and the melancholic vibes create a wistful dreamlike state.

Isis Queen embodies the uncompromising punk rocker spirit with edgy vocal delivery and “Contract” feels electrifying with a super catchy grungy chorus carrying the typical punk attitude that requires total artistic freedom, therefore Barb Wire Dolls don’t refrain from creating untamed groovy & dirty guitar driven riffs.

“Fire To Burn” lowers the tone putting aside the punk savagery to deliver a sincere emotional rock ballad featuring the traditional round of acoustic arpeggios and lovely melodies.

Overall, “Rub My Mind” is a fun album that can be absolutely wild like a punk rock revival with strong feminist attitude and Barb Wire Dolls showcase music variety exploring also softer retro rock nuances.

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