Tetrarch – Freak

You might have never heard about Tetrarch but that is about to change because this young band is ready to release the debut album “Freak” which might be categorized as modern melodic metal or nu metalcore but definitely showcases various major music influences.

With untamed fury the title track celebrates individuality and freedom as all of us should learn to embrace our inner ‘freak’. Bold heavy guitar riffs build a bombastic modern rhythmic galore that will make you jump and darker atmospheres support a catchy melodic core.

With massive anger “Spit” packs another round of super heavy guitar riffs and the mood gets gradually more obscure.

“Break The Trend” shines for the polished guitar leads that always hold a genuine melodic heart in contrast with the thunderous rhythmic sections and raging growls.

“Oddity” doesn’t give you a break with a vicious dosage of unruly riffing & drumming but Diamond Rowe on guitar surprises with a flamboyant melodic shredded solo.

“Torn Apart” slows down to a borderline traditional metal ballad as Tetrarch gets emotional with bittersweet and absolutely catchy melancholic guitar melodies as well as a heartfelt chorus.

Guitar shredder Diamond Rowe truly impresses the listeners with her charismatic performance and definitely renders “Freak” a more interesting and entertaining album.

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