Kaipa – Children Of The Sounds

Formed in 1973 Swedish prog rockers Kaipa have been known for the eclectic music experimentation and on the newest release “Children Of The Sounds” mastermind Hans Lundin is joined by guitarist Per Nilsson, bassist Jonas Reingold, drummer Morgan Ågren, and vocalists Patrik Lundström and Aleena Gibson.

The title track is structured like an operetta where positive energy, ‘70s rock themes and rich atmospheric arrangements are constantly emphasized by luminous vocals while the intricate guitar leads add a more modern sophisticated prog approach.

“On The Edge Of New Horizons” again is filled with happiness and bright harmonies featuring sparkling choirs and retro keyboards arrangements. Crunchy guitar riffs and fancy melodies channel interesting music diversity while the overall mood evokes daydreaming in the middle of the forest on a sunny day.

“What’s Behind The Fields” begins with technical guitar leads bearing remarkable neoclassical inspiration while the majority of the song relies on peaceful acoustic harmonies and mellow yet charismatic crispy polished guitar melodies.

The strength of “Children Of The Sounds” certainly is particularly palpable in the polychromatic vocals, the complex detailed arrangements and the absolutely dazzling guitar work, impeccably performed by Per Nilsson, that prog acolytes will find highly enjoyable.

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