Grave Pleasures – Motherblood

Dwelling in a darkly romantic limbo of post-punk and goth/death rock Finnish band Grave Pleasures has crafted the new macabre dance floor music ensemble “Motherblood” in an isolated studio surrounded by the bleak British countryside.

The enjoyable album opener “Infatuation Overkill” is filled with retro goth flavors as dirty guitar riffs relentlessly build a catchy rhythm amplified by an addictive rebellious chorus.

“Doomsday Rainbows” continues to channel a groovy vintage flare and vocals stand out with a wildly entertaining post-punk delivery while guitars never fail to deliver extremely catchy melodies.

“Be My Hiroshima” easily fits in the dark romance category as it evokes an exquisite goth mood spiced up by an exciting punkish chorus and guitars skillfully deliver an irresistible series of melodic hooks.

Stuck in a groovy loop “Joy Through Death” builds a thrilling post- apocalyptic rhythm suitable for a macabre dance party and the moody guitar melodies carry fascinating dark tones in proper goth fashion.

“Atomic Christ” becomes dramatic with intense gloomy atmospheres and theatrical narratives while guitar riffs & melodies smoothly flow through a darkened mist with understated cathartic strength.

Listening to “Motherblood” you can always perceive the profound dark tonalities of misery and Grave Pleasures also demonstrates the ability to create loads of hypnotic danceable grooves.

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