Ewigkeit – Cosmic Man

In the underground metal scene multitalented artist James Fogarty is known for several music endeavors and now is ready to resurrect his solo project Ewigkeit delivering the new enigmatic album “Cosmic Man”.

The hazy instrumental opener “Quantum Eraser” clarifies that “Cosmic Man” was never meant to become music for the masses. Then the variegated “Cold Souls” surprises with particularly heavy guitar riffing and venomous vocals but soon acquires a sludge temperament and classic metal guitar melodies lead the scene surrounded by spacey atmospheric layers.

“Death Is The Portal” amplifies the vintage vibes with stunning psychedelic organ galore while the main music core revolves around a consistent series of easy classic metal melodies.

“Neon Ghoul Ride” is definitely an awesome song title that absolutely matches the retro psychedelic infused mood as the charismatic guitar & organ combo holds a fuzzy cosmic essence.

“Time Travelling Medicine Man” features a darker mood and the dominant groovy guitar riffs deliver steady distorted energy through a thick inter-galactic haze.

Channeling multifaceted music influences such as ‘70s psychedelic rock and NWOBHM Ewigkeit pushes boundaries crafting a complex album that might require multiple listening sessions to be fully appreciated and comprehended.

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