Urarv – Aurum

Black metal connoisseurs are certainly familiar with the work of Björn Aldrahn Dencker in DHG, The Deathtrip and Thorns. With the new visionary project Urarv, Aldrahn is eager to explore diverse often avant-garde music territories to create the debut effort “Aurum”.

“Forvitringstid” starts with melancholy infused arpeggios that bear the cold nature of Nordic quiet landscapes but soon viciously abrasive blackened tonalities and gritty rhythms become extremely dominant entwined with scattered spacey melodic guitars while vocals can be wildly moody or desperately introvert.

“Ancient DNA” is filled with a recognizable black metal urgency as guitar riffs acquire speed and blackened groovy tonalities emerging straight from a black hole but this track also features a profound arcane essence.

On “Broken Wand” unconventional vocals and cascading guitar riffs can become quite savage with intense experimental freedom that leads to dissonant elements channeling a dramatic almost hostile sonic chaos.

“Red Circle” chooses a more accessible monolithic guitar driven groove enriched by haunting atmospheres that create hypnotic vibes while vocals range from fierce blackened growls to cries of despair through a thick breathless rhythm that in the last couple of minutes naturally fades into a dreamy serenade.

Psychotic and borderline dissonant yet absolutely spontaneous “Aurum” might be a strange album, uneasy for some unprepared listeners, but its strength will be found in the limitless unrestrained passion for music.

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