Mountains Crave – As We Were When We Were Not

British band Mountains Crave has released the debut full length poetically entitled “As We Were When We Were Not” which definitely dwells in the mysterious sonic realm of traditional black metal but also features trendy elements of Cascadian black metal.

“Ynisvitrin” is a lengthy track that shines for the cold nuances of the atmospheric layers which take you to a world of silent desolation. There is a fair dosage of the expected black metal obscure guitar riffing and desperate screams but what renders this track far more interesting is the lavish emotional quality of the detailed melodic tapestry which features all kinds of delicate distant harmonies.

“Clear Light Of The Void” starts with light atmospheres but soon gains a blast of untamed rage with fast tight guitar riffs and ominous enraged growls channeling an extreme darkness nevertheless there is space for ethereal peaceful arpeggios.

“Arise O Magnificent Sun” evokes a cold winter day in the middle of the forest or sitting by a lake as introspective elegant guitar melodies feel simply sad and gloomy with post metal atmospheric elements but Mountains Crave again provides also a classic blackened rhythmic core.

The instrumental title track feels particularly melancholic focusing on poetic evocative melodies that flow gracefully through a solitary realm of distant dreams accompanied by subtle atmospheric layers.

Shifting from purely melancholic melodies to venomous black metal fury “As We Were When We Were Not” is a cohesive album that feels like a promising beginning for Mountains Crave.


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