CyHra – Letters To Myself

New band CyHra might be considered a supergroup as it features ex-Amaranthe vocalist Jake E, former In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad and bassist Peter Iwers and Alex Landenburg, current drummer of Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody. Therefore the bombastic debut album “Letters To Myself” is really the product of well-known talented musicians that share the same music vision and passion.

“Karma” starts with electro pop vibes followed by recognizable melo-death guitars that keep a somber mood even when the radio friendly chorus leans towards a more positive outlook.

On “Heartrage” Jake E delivers impressively passionate vocals that channel a multitude of bittersweet emotions, especially in the fervent chorus and romantic breakdowns, while guitars skillfully offer a series of memorable melodic hooks.

In the beginning “Here To Save You” feels particularly melancholic with understated arpeggios but soon crunchy guitars lead the scene with groovy tonalities and powerful blasts that culminate with a charismatic shredded solo.

The title track becomes loud and distorted as delightful guitar melodies & riffs take the center stage delivering super catchy grooves while Jake E chooses a more luminous emotionally charged vocal delivery.

“Dark Clarity” features a classic melodic metal approach with a borderline ballad style structure embellished by modern electro/ambiance accents and again the whole music formula relies on some killer polished melodic hooks that inevitably get stuck in your head.

“Black Wings” is another catchy tune that acquires dramatic melodic textures with simple dreamy harmonies amplified by a Jake E’s poignant vocals and a winning combo of lovely melancholic guitar phrases & flamboyant solo.

Like a resurrection or a second chance to show the world that these musicians can join forces to create something spontaneously sincere and emotional, CyHra packs “Letters To Myself” with the energetic spirit of rock/metal and loads of addictive widely accessible melodic hooks.

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