Impure Wilhelmina – Radiation

Swiss post-hardcore veterans Impure Wilhelmina have been a prolific band for 10 years and the emotionally charged new full length “Radiation” aims to surprise the audience pushing music boundaries.

On “Great Falls Beyond Death” a somber mood dominates the song’s themes as loads of diverse guitar melodies embody darkened emotions with smooth gloomy tonalities.

“Sacred Fire” features groovy guitar riffs progressions but the whole instrumentation maintains a rather dark spirit as the main melodic core elegantly evokes a profound sadness that becomes overwhelming during the mellow breakdowns.

“Meaningless Memories” feels like a hymn to absolute melancholia with mournful vocals and refined guitar melodies that maintain a dark rock delivery and in general the guitar work showcases complex dramatic textures with a genuine emotive approach.

“Bones and Heart” offers some modern rock upbeat grooves and energetic rhythmic dynamics where cohesive guitar melodies evoke a brighter hopeful mood.

With renewed intensity “Murderers” returns to a darker sonic realm as guitars incessantly craft particularly gloomy vibes further emphasized by borderline dramatic desperate screams.

As Impure Wilhelmina continues to evolve exploring new sonic territories “Radiation” is the result of a substantial darkened songwriting approach that focuses mainly on melancholy infused intricate melodic textures.

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