Cloak – To Venomous Depths

Georgia based young band Cloak is eager to enter the chaotic realm that is the current metal scene with the promising debut album “To Venomous Depths”.

“To Venomous Depths/Where No Light Shines” dwells in the darkest limbo where rock and black metal meet and inevitably embrace. Cloak doesn’t refrain from crafting deliciously addictive guitar driven grooves that bear the malevolent heavy dynamics of doom and dark metal while fully embracing a mystical grim atmosphere that continuously fuel the song’s melodic core.

The compelling darkness of “Within the Timeless Black” is constantly enhanced by a similar black ‘n roll attitude that influences the whole instrumentation as the galloping mid paced rhythmic sections are naturally entwined with highly somber melodic passages filled of monolithic dark atmospheres.

There is an enchanting gothic feel on “The Hunger” reminiscent of the unforgettable early days of gothic metal. Here guitars focus mainly on the creation of melancholy infused melodies that reach a cathartic acme in a dreamy yet quite dreadful breakdown.

“Beyond The Veil” begins with a hymn to the darkest shades of metal and remarkable doom accents that will contribute to craft a more dramatic mood in the suspenseful introspective breakdown while a fair dosage of crunchy riffing and faster drumming keep an unrestrained blackened core obviously enhanced by proper vicious growls.

“Deep Red” starts with comforting somber melodic guitars that recall the ethereal darkness of Cascadian black metal but soon Cloak delivers a charismatic blast with entertaining classic heavy metal riffage and  gradually build loads of energetic rhythmic dynamics characterized by monumental blackened flavors.

While “To Venomous Depths” displays the expected rough edges of a debut album you can readily perceive the refreshing passion for dark music behind the work of Cloak and certainly we can expect much more on the band’s next endeavor.

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