Antisect – The Rising Of The Lights

Anarcho- punk band Antisect has not released new music for over thirty two years yet suddenly has returned to the music scene delivering the powerful new album “The Rising Of The Lights” proving to be a relevant band with renewed energy and ideas rather than just a nostalgic trip.

On “Spirit Level” there are hints of fury and unstoppable anger with opinionated screams and untamed borderline aggressive guitar riffs that maintain a gritty punk attitude even if the whole instrumentation showcases a more modern catchy sound with additional metal elements.

With bold straightforward metal grooves “Acolyte” seems to lose the old school punk drive except for the chaotic screams and also delivers scattered pleasant melodic phrases.

“Welcome To The New Dark Ages” can be extremely melancholic with minimalist contemplative acoustic melodies but is also ready to pick up speed and distortion with monolithic guitar riffing and fierce vocals surrounded by a rather ominous atmosphere.

“Black” stands out for the intense & catchy grooves built by powerful bass lines and crunchy guitar riffs following familiar energetic metal dynamics while vocals shift to baritone delivery matching the general gloomy mood.

“Scared To Die” feels like an almost apocalyptic soundtrack starting with somber atmospheric nuances that suddenly give way to a more aggressive guitar driven rhythm deeply fueled by controversial punk attitude.

Inspired by strong political views and a will to survive despite the inevitable demise of human race Antisect delivers the visionary album “The Rising Of The Lights” with vibrant unrestrained artistic freedom.

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