Destruction – Thrash Anthems II

A thirty years career deserves a bombastic celebration and with the help of a successful crowd funding campaign Destruction has chosen to re-record and re-imagine a collection of classic songs on the album “Thrash Anthems II” which is the rightful continuation of the previous “Thrash Anthems” released in 2007.

With a moody acoustic intro “Confused Mind” starts this nostalgic trip revisiting the early days of Destruction and proceeds with the expected overdose of tight thrash style guitar riffing. Originally “United By Hatred” was on the same 1986 album “Eternal Devastation” and certainly maintains that vintage thrash sonic assault that we have learned to love.

“Black Mass” is an obscure beast with loads of crunchy riffing but also some memorable melodic guitars that acquire a renewed powerful crispy sound in this modern recording.

Originally released on the band’s first full length “Black death” successfully channels pure anger with straightforward guitar riffs and ravenous screams keeping old school thrash metal alive.

“Satan’s Vengeance” obviously comes with vibrant diabolical vibes embedded in the vicious guitar riffs and drumming complemented by a killer fast guitar solo.

Compilations or ‘best of’ albums often receive mixed feelings but if you are a loyal longtime fan of mighty Destruction “Thrash Anthems II” deserves a spot in your collection.

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