Legend – Midnight Champion

Legend is another absolutely intriguing band coming from the burgeoning rock/metal scene of Iceland and the newest effort “Midnight Champion” elegantly gathers kaleidoscopic nuances and multiple influences ranging from retro electro-goth to modern post-metal flavors.

“Cryptid” is a winning album opener where mysterious sounds introduce an eclectic music blend that certainly focuses on atmospheric quality with loads of compelling synths arrangements favoring a darkened mood yet the comforting vocal delivery and the steady understated guitar grooves provide subtle energetic dynamics.

“Time To Suffer” offers engaging electro beats reminiscent of unforgettable ‘80s electro-goth style and you might have to just let go of any inhibition and start dancing yet Legend packs the main melodic core with overwhelming darkness as groovy crunchy guitar riffs hold hints of distorted industrial metal elements and vocals shift from polished delivery to a more wicked tone.

Almost like an electro ballad version “Adrift” relies particularly on hazy luminous atmospheric layers and powerfully contemplative vocals channeling an emotional palette but towards the end gains a higher dose of energy and epic vibes with sparkling melodic composition.

After a dramatic atmospheric beginning revolving around impressive vocals the title track swiftly acquires majestic vibes as well as somber melodic catchiness built by monumental synths and minimalist guitars.

With some pop upbeats and charming retro atmospheric arrangements “Liquid Rust” definitely evokes some surreal romantic gloom yet the main rhythm & chorus become too catchy to trigger sadness as the flawless electro rock blend here feels both danceable and spaced out.

While all over “Midnight Champion” lingers an exquisite Nordic feeling that belongs to cold winter days Legend is always able to provide great catchiness in every rhythmic variation/pattern resulting in a widely enjoyable work of music.

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