GWAR – The Blood Of Gods

It’s a long story but we all know that GWAR do not belong to this world yet this brave rock band, famous for the blood soaked live theatricals, continues a massive battle against all the wrong in the world, so obviously against the humans who are destroying the planet, on the new album “The Blood of Gods” which is the first without the fallen leader Oderus Urungus.

“War On GWAR” certainly has an epic mood with soulful warrior screams that introduce an irresistible doom crescendo full of thick guitar riffs that might announce an impending catastrophe or the rise of a beast, anyway GWAR is willing to channel multiple music styles to create an insanely groovy metal rhythm with a proper fancy guitar solo but never puts aside the earlier powerful doom nuances.

“Viking Death Machine” truly amplifies the strength of mighty guitar driven grooves but also super chunky bass lines play a big role in this heavy yet intensely catchy tunethat includes hints of classic metal.

On the rebellious anthem “El Presidente” loads of crunchy heavy guitars & bass lead the instrumental sections with the addition of majestic orchestrations yet the addictive quality of this track can be found in the mischievous theatrical chorus.

“I’ll Be Your Monster” will become a hit song due to a series of infectious rocking guitar riffs and the overall shock-rock infused rhythmic patterns leading to a lovable dirty rock ‘n roll solo while the edgy vocal delivery certainly enhances the high impact gritty catchiness.

“Crushed By The Cross” becomes heavier borderline furious channeling a familiar ‘90s thrash rhythmic assault that definitely matches the bold lyrical anger and guitars are constantly engaged in a frenetic groove that bears a quite somber mood amplified by solemn choirs.

Although the entire album relies on an entertaining mood the power ballad “Phantom Limb” evokes a profound sadness as the band crafts a sincere tribute to Oderus with heartfelt melodic guitar dynamics and a softer contemplative approach.

Both longtime fans and new curious listeners will be delighted to enter the crazy fun sonic realm of “The Blood Of Gods” as despite adversities GWAR fearlessly maintain an explosive creative force.

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