Downfall Of Gaia – Silhouettes Of Disgust

During their fifteen year career Downfall Of Gaia have been exploring diverse musical territories and the result of such evolution today generates the sixth studio album “Silhouettes Of Disgust” lyrically revolving around the struggling lives of people in a fictional metropolis.
Throughout “Existence Of Awe” the super fast drums inevitably lead to blistering rhythmic patterns while guitars have the chance to add slow burning melodic phrases to create profoundly contemplative passages.
On “While Bloodsprings Become Rivers” the ferocious rhythmic section bears the mark of classic black metal and the poetic melodic tapestries clearly channel a bleak post-metal inspiration emphasizing the emotive aspects.
“Eyes To Burning Skies” instantly hypnotizes the listeners with an alluring hazy atmospheric ensemble embellished by Lulu Black’s delicate vocal harmonies but an intense blackened force is destined to arise through the malevolent growls and the hostile guitar riffs.
On “Unredeemable” the understated atmospheric layers and the cold melodic guitar work convey a sorrowful mood that will inevitably evolve into enigmatic and often belligerent rhythmic blasts.
“Optograms Of Disgust” brings closure with refined atmospheric arrangements that naturally enhance the overwhelming melancholia expressed by the desolate guitar tonalities yet once again the band is ready to gain speed and deliver the expected violent dynamics.
Within the sonic realm of “Silhouettes Of Disgust” Downfall Of Gaia have the freedom to craft an intricate dreamy atmospheric ensemble but also successfully maintain their primal extreme metal influences.

Goatwhore – Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven

Renowned as one of the most ruthless extreme metal bands, Goatwhore returns triumphantly with a collection of malevolent anthems on the new studio album “Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven”.
“Born Of Satan’s Flesh” constantly delivers a gruesome rhythmic assault fueled by the expected hellish force of the punishing drums and the unstoppable guitar riffs ultimately leading to a blistering solo.
There is no hesitation as “The Bestowal Of Abomination” offers another unrestrained round of blasphemous rhythmic patterns always enhanced by the visceral growls and the charismatic guitar work.
The title track relies on the memorable guitar riffs to build diverse monumental grooves while a mysterious melodic essence will arise whenever the tempo slows down a bit leading to a piano finale.
Featuring a mix of thrash & blackened elements “The Devil’s Warlords” maintains a faster rhythmic rampage putting the spotlight on the malignant energy of the relentless guitars and the vengeful growls.
The perilous music journey continues with “Weight Of A Soulless Heart” where guitars add diversity with loads of tasteful sinister melodic leads within the main aggressive rhythmic structure.
“And I Was Delivered From The Wound Of Perdition” represents an ideal closure beginning with a solemn acoustic intro swiftly morphing into a crushing rhythm that doesn’t need a persistent breakneck speed to leave a mark and in fact the refined melodic elements are bound to captivate the listeners.
Listening to “Angels Hung From The Arches Of Heaven” you can definitely expect plenty of furious grooves executed with precision and bloodlust as Goatwhore draw from a wide array of influences but always look forward.

Vio-Lence – Let The World Burn

Returning as a full time band back in 2019, thrash metal veterans Vio-Lence are finally ready to release the first new material in 29 years on the vicious five-song EP “Let The World Burn”.
Without any hesitation “Flesh From Bone” unleashes insane grinding guitar riffs and fast hostile drumming following an old school thrash pathway and the extensive guitar solo diligently delivers some majestic acrobatics.
Throughout “Screaming Always” the relentless riffage and the spiteful screams demand extra speed and absolute fury but an appealing somber melodic ensemble eventually generates contemplative vibes.
The ruthless rhythmic onslaught of “Upon Their Cross” clearly relies on the colossal bass lines and the visceral guitar work providing diversity with a majestic shredding galore and keeping alive a beloved thrash metal legacy with abrasive riffs.
The extremely groovy title track can leave you shattered and helpless as the scorching guitar riffs simply seem unstoppable leading to savage rhythmic dynamics while the slower ominous passages aptly feature a nightmarish speech.
Ultimately “Let The World Burn” has the power to instantly trigger a brutal moshpit and symbolizes a true rebirth as Vio-Lence proudly stay true to their authentic thrash metal legacy and have a chance to manifest a massive energetic creativity.

MIdnight – Let There Be Witchery

Following a blasphemous sonic pathway Midnight is ready for another reckless ride providing an overdose of catchy & creepy grooves throughout the fifth full-length “Let There Be Witchery”.
“Telepathic Nightmare” opens the album with an appealing sinister mood and the vitriolic rhythmic rampage relies on a frantic blend of black and speed metal putting the spotlight on the unstoppable crunchy guitar riffs.
Filled with spiteful screams “In Sinful Secrecy” constantly unleashes raw energy and the consequent untamed grooves are spiced up by the tasteful classic metal flavors of the lead guitar work.
“Nocturnal Molestation” sounds as nasty as expected putting the spotlight on the rebellious attitude of the vocals emphasized by the belligerent rhythmic section and the wild guitar solo is bound to grab your attention.
Like a party in a graveyard “More Torment” conveys eerie vibes and the robust guitar riffs naturally acquire some delicious darkened tones ultimately generating another round of groovy dynamics.
“Devil Virgin” is basically packed with bouncy guitar riffs and spontaneous grim leads creating an irresistible nightmarish rhythmic ensemble that could be rightfully used for a splatter movie soundtrack.
The morbid catchiness of “Szex Witchery” generates galloping rhythmic blasts inspired by a traditional speed metal formula as once again the malicious guitar riffs hit you in the face while the grand finale shifts to utterly somber progressions.
Undoubtedly Midnight delivers once again an addictive collection of malignant tunes that demands to be played loud as “Let There Be Witchery” can instantly induce a savage moshpit with devilish hooks and massive guitar driven grooves.

Allegaeon – Damnum

For over fifteen years technical death metal band Allegaeon has worked hard to develop a distinct sonic vision that today shines brighter on the sixth album “Damnum” providing the ideal balance between sheer fury and enticing melodic splendor.
In the beginning “Bastards of the Earth” makes you feel at peace with a soothing series of arpeggios but an obscure force will bring an overload of abrasive rhythmic patterns easily amplified by the angered growls and the fierce technical riffage.
“Of Beasts and Worms” enhances a contemplative mood with mellow acoustic passages accompanied by a heartfelt clean vocal delivery but everything changes as the hostile rhythmic section takes over and the lead guitar work delivers acrobatic progressions.
“Called Home” sounds particularly fascinating focusing on emotional depth and recurring cathartic melodic textures emphasized by glowing atmospheric accents nevertheless the fiery guitar riffs acquire darker tonalities to build robust grooves.
Surrounded by a haunting atmosphere “The Dopamine Void Pt. 1” embraces dazzling prog dynamics but this sense of tranquility disappears as soon as “The Dopamine Void Pt. 2” unleashes violent rhythmic blasts diligently fueled by the breakneck speed and the relentless guitar riffs channeling a primal death metal force.
Within the darkened realm of “Only Loss” guitars effortlessly create complex enraged progressions well supported by the ruthless growls and the precise drumming but you can still perceive a dismal melodic essence.
Ultimately “Damnum” is the product of an intense sonic evolution as Allegaeon constantly showcase great creativity and impressive musicianship but also choose to explore a variety of emotive themes through eloquent lyrics.

W.E.B. – Colosseum

Greek symphonic extreme metallers W.E.B. embrace an ambitious obscure sonic vision within the convoluted soundscapes of the fifth full-length “Colosseum”.
An endless darkness is destined to triumph on “Dark Web” as decadent symphonic tapestries surround the malignant rhythmic rampage and the merciless growls while the lead guitar work will evoke grim feelings with a brief tasteful melodic breakdown.
“Murder Of Crows” shifts the focus to a poetic melodic essence as guitars carefully craft melancholic progressions enhanced by refined atmospheric arrangements yet the mighty rhythmic section is ready to unleash faster punishing blasts.
The title track begins with slow burning guitar phrases and theatrical vocals inevitably conveying a sinister mood and the solemn symphonic elements continue to embellish the inflamed rhythmic ensemble and the lavish melodies.
Something evil lurks in the dark as “Dominus Maleficarum” immediately manifests a venomous rhythmic approach highlighting the menacing blackened influences of the soaring guitars enriched by the darkly majestic atmospheric layers.
“Exaudi Luciferi” would be a perfect horror movie soundtrack relying on riveting symphonic orchestrations, creepy narratives and a slower ominous tempo that constantly amplifies a fascinating dramatic depth.
Throughout the intricate sonic realm of the new album “Colosseum” W.E.B. are developing an intriguing formula that seamlessly blends ferocious blackened dynamics and captivating symphonic grandeur.

Whitechapel – Kin

Deathcore veterans Whitechapel proudly add a new explosive chapter to their prolific discography with the intriguing soundscapes of the full-length “Kin”.
“I Will Find You” conveys genuine emotions through mellow acoustic harmonies and glowing guitar phrases but the precise rhythmic section is ready to manifest an aggressive approach through crunchy riffage and untamed drumming accompanied by visceral growls.
Conflicting feelings linger through “A Bloodsoaked Symphony” as somber atmospheric textures surround a series of abrasive rhythmic blasts carefully embellished by charismatic guitar leads.
“Anticure” follows a slower tempo to embrace a reflective melodic momentum featuring a passionate vocal delivery and crispy guitar tonalities but a darker mood emerges through the significantly heavier segments.
“To The Wolves” doesn’t waste any time as the ferocious growls and the soaring guitar riffs amplify the savage rhythmic rampage yet there will be calmer moments leading to a tasteful melodic solo.
You can perceive bittersweet sentiments throughout “Without Us” as the versatile guitar work effortlessly crafts rich melancholic melodies in contrast with the occasional heavier grooves.
The title track focuses on a softer composition once again highlighting the album’s emotional depth through heartfelt clean vocals and soothing acoustic guitars that will ultimately give way to an extensive fervent solo.
Undoubtedly “Kin” is the product of a distinct sonic evolution as Whitechapel look forward confidently expanding their vision blending ruthless dynamics and intense emotive themes.

Aeon – God Ends Here

Swedish death metallers Aeon aim to impress the extreme metal scene with the ominous & vicious onslaught embodied by the new full-length “God Ends Here”.
“Liar’s Den” is filled with brutal guitar driven grooves well supported by the incendiary strength of the untamed drumming ultimately leading to a solemn finale courtesy of majestic orchestrations.
You simply cannot escape the malevolent soundscapes of “Church Of Horror” as the fury and speed of the colossal rhythm section hold a dominant role while the guitar leads rightfully add some charismatic technical elements.
“Deny Them Eternity” puts the spotlight on the edgy technical accents and the darkened tonalities of the guitar work which successfully increase diversity within the main relentless rhythmic core.
The title track slows down a bit to emphasize the epic atmospheric layers and the ominous tones of guitars which deliver a massive series of complex progressions through a monumental rhythmic maze.
“Let The Torturing Begin” revolves around venomous growls, big spiteful guitar riffs and pummeling drums diligently building anthemic death metal dynamics spiced up by the fancy melodic flair of the solo.
“Queen Of Lies” marks a memorable finale as the visceral rhythmic patterns and the malignant growls march fiercely through an arcane atmosphere enriched by another round of excellent melodic leads.
From beginning to end “God Ends Here” proves that despite the long gap between records Aeon still has the necessary passion and anger to deliver a solid death metal opus embellished by elegant atmospheric interludes.

Hate – Rugia

Polish blackened death metal band Hate proudly continues to follow an arcane sonic pathway and delve into the depths of Slavonic mysticism to create the majestic & obscure twelfth full-length “Rugia”.
The title track showcases an organic songwriting approach that puts the spotlight on the charismatic guitar work which effortlessly shifts from mysterious melodic phrases to ferocious riffage ultimately leading to blistering blackened grooves.
Throughout “Exiles To Pantheon” the precise rhythmic section is always ready to unleash a vicious assault following the fast monumental drum blasts and the consequent savagery is further enhanced by the ruthless growls.
Drenched in darkness “Saturnus” at times sounds less aggressive and conveys dismal feelings through the ominous guitar tonalities and the subtle melodic accents flowing through malevolent rhythmic dynamics.
Within a cryptic spiritual dimension “Awakening The Gods Within” relies on the inspiring lead guitar work which successfully embellishes the primordial rhythmic core and evokes a sinister flair.
In the beginning the slower tempo on “Valesian Guard” emphasizes the dramatic nature of the harrowing guitar melodies which will inevitably evolve into fierce rhythmic patterns with constant tormented riffage and furious growls.
Fueled by an inflamed creative force Hate celebrate thirty years of activity and channel the darkest elements of extreme metal to craft the crushing soundscapes of “Rugia” which is definitely a great addition to their prolific discography.

Rivers Of Nihil – The Work

Following a thrilling sonic evolution Rivers Of Nihil begin a new eclectic chapter with the latest offering “The Work” which clearly defies standard musical categories blending poignant soundscapes and ferocious progressive death metal.
“The Tower (Theme from ‘The Work’)” is a cathartic album opener focusing on compelling melancholia infused atmospheric waves and bittersweet piano melodies emphasized by soothing vocal harmonies but will suddenly transition to heavier rhythmic blasts and insane growls.
“Dreaming Black Clockwork” immediately embraces cold tonalities as the extreme nature of progressive death metal style thrives through the complex rhythmic patterns until the cinematic atmospheric arrangements convey a pale sense of tranquility.
“Wait” begins with an understated piano piece floating gently through an enigmatic atmosphere following a slower tempo and the warm vocal delivery emphasizes a glowing melodic essence amplified by the flawless lead guitar work.
The hazy multilayered atmosphere of “The Void From Which No Sound Escapes” evokes somber emotions and creates a surreal sonic realm embellished by a striking saxophone solo while abrasive guitar riffs and extra speed skillfully build an aggressive rhythmic rampage.
The dramatic depth of “Episode” comes to life through the spacey atmospheric ensemble and the whispered vocals enriched by the technical prowess and the melodic splendor of the guitar solos in contrast with the occasional faster and quite brutal rhythmic patterns.
“Terrestria IV: Work” embodies a grand finale manifesting the band’s convoluted sonic vision as the whole instrumentation effortlessly shifts from visceral & twisted rhythmic dynamics courtesy of the majestic combo of pummeling drums and unrestrained riffage to contemplative melodic passages featuring the elegant jazzy vibes of the saxophone.
Rivers Of Nihil deliberately took time off to focus on the opulent multifaceted composition behind “The Work” which is destined to impress the audience with the remarkable musicianship and the intense creative force.