b.o.s.c.h – Fleischwolf

It seems that the harsh climate of Germany’s North Sea coast had an effect on b.o.s.c.h resulting in the fierce electro metal manifesto of the latest effort “Fleischwolf”.

Immediately the album opener “Schock” is a delicious surprise as b.o.s.c.h skillfully focuses on big stomping grooves embellished by futuristic electro accents that definitely spice up the massive guitar driven rhythmic assault.

“Reiz Mich” seems to channel more aggressive metal dynamics as guitar riffs & drums become quite thick and harsh followed by inflamed vocals while quirky electro layers bring additional stylish variety.

“Blender” might have a less rambunctious start as subtle melodic guitars are ready to introduce a danceable electro atmospheric ensemble followed by exciting upbeat grooves surrounded by multiple industrial oriented arrangements.

The title track demands serious stomping on the dance floor with a dominant super catchy electro driven rhythm that also delivers some creepy accents while guitars continue to keep a sharp metal edge with bold riffing patterns.

“Du” has loads of intense industrial flavors as synths and guitars work together to ensure steady stomping worthy rhythms while vocals stand out in an energetic big chorus yet this track also features slightly somber melodic moments.

“Zu Spät” takes you to the Black Forest and its fairytale realm where bad witches are waiting for you as vocals shift from theatrical storytelling to bold tones following a mix of frenetic guitar driven grooves and spooky electro arrangements.

Overall, “Fleischwolf” relies on a modern fusion of electro/industrial element and primordial metal roots, inevitably a bit reminiscent of mighty Rammstein, as b.o.s.c.h can create absolutely raw energetic metal tunes without necessarily sacrificing a rather catchy essence.


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