Beast In Black – Berserker

Those who were heartbroken when Battle Beast songwriter and guitarist Anton Kabanen left the band will be happy to enjoy his triumphant return with the newborn band Beast In Black and the explosive debut album “Berserker”.

The band’s renewed entity is ready to arise on the eponymous track “Beast In Black” with all kinds of power metal anthemic energy. Sharp and victorious guitar riffing & soloing will get you ready for the next battle with the expected generous dosage of polished shredding while majestic choirs and keyboards channel classic 80’s heavy metal.

On “Blind And Frozen” such vintage sound becomes more empowering with loads of catchy keyboards that contribute to build up an easy rhythm which acquires also some pompous yet absolutely irresistible 80’s pop melodic soul.

With “Born Again” the retro pop shenanigans are embellished by a more sentimental mood as the rhythm slows down at times to evoke emotional melodies in the midst of the usual massive guitar fancy tricks.

“Zodd The Immortal” might sound more serious ditching the big pop choruses to focus without any hesitation on a heavier sonic assault that certainly follows the major power metal guidelines but ultimately acquire a bold somber attitude with loads of entertaining guitar dynamics.

To properly close this album Beast In Black chooses the must-have ballad “Ghost In The Rain” which features all the emotional quality necessary to compose soothing dreamy melodies adorned by simple piano and gracefully passionate vocals.

Fans will be delighted to see that Anton’s seasoned songwriting skills are recognizable all over “Berserker”, an album infused with 80’s synth pop and cheesy power metal that has always had its own raison d’être.

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