Sinistro – Sangue Cassia

Following the spellbinding album “Semente” released last year expectations are really high and Portuguese artsy post- doom quintet Sinistro is ready to surprise the listeners again with the brand new enchanting opus “Sangue Cassia”.

It would be hard to find a better album opener than the lengthy “Cosmos Controle”, a lovable moody music piece that relies on detailed cinematic atmospheres to assemble fragmentary images or memories. Constant ethereal sonic cascades are fully supported by a classic slow & heavy doom rhythmic backbone, featuring noteworthy bold bass lines, enriched by somber guitar melodies and extraordinaire vocalist Patrícia Andrade will put a spell on you to ultimately entrap you within a gloomy dream with her lascivious voice.

With a bewitching atmospheric/ambiance beginning “Lotus” slowly proceeds to channel sorrowful doom soundscapes with an overdose of lugubrious chords seamlessly entwined with memorable melancholic guitar melodies while Patrícia’s vocal performance is infused with pure sensuality and sophisticated charisma.

“Petalas” features a wistful ensemble of inspired minimalist melodies and eerie atmospheric layers resulting in more ambiance oriented track that enhances the poetic emotional qualities of Patrícia’s vocals but there are still understated doom accents within the rhythmic patterns.

“Abismo” returns to fully embrace powerful doom dynamics as guitars emerge from darkened depths with absolute gloom and renewed intensity confidently marching through a hypnotizing maze of lavish dreadful atmospheric layers while just like an enchantress Patrícia delivers graceful yet empowering vocals.

“Cravo Carne” dwells in a realm of undiluted darkness where guitars become particularly fierce in mournful doom fashion but also focus on the creation of enticing melancholy infused melodies surrounded by opulent atmospheric arrangements while Patrícia’s voluptuous voice sinuously and confidently moves through the stylish instrumental passages.

Through the emotional whirlwind and the sultry darkened essence embodied by “Sangue Cassia” Sinistro is establishing a unique mature identity and elegantly continues to follow an intriguing music pathway that will inevitably fascinate the listeners.

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