Rise Of Avernus – Eigengrau

Australian symphonic doom/death metal band Rise Of Avernus has the potential to become a new favorite in the underground metal scene with the grandiose new release “Eigengrau”.

Emerging from a realm of misery and undiluted darkness “Terminus” opens the album with a remarkable mystical aura beautifully rendered by majestic yet absolutely ominous orchestrations that flawlessly embrace the thunderous grooves built by steady guitar riffing and punishing drums but this track doesn’t exclusively rely on familiar doom textures, even when riffs hold an oppressive heavy power, as dramatic vocals and baroque aesthetics hold a primary role.

“Ad Infinitum” could not sound colder with loads of eerie atmospheres, classical melancholy infused piano melodies and sumptuous orchestral layers that occasionally give way to a primordial heavier sonic approach and constantly provide a cinematic quality that further enriches the charismatic melodic guitar work.

With a mysterious & ritualistic atmosphere “Gehenna” acquires exquisitely darkened nuances with refined gothic oriented guitar melodies and theatrical clean vocals surrounded by utterly somber and lavish orchestral layers that diligently add a sense of grandeur to the overall eternal gloominess.

“Tempest” maintains a fascinating darkened mood fueled by strong guitar riffs mixed to symphonic splendor and dismal melodies while certain faster rhythmic patterns and ferocious growls dwell in a familiar blackened sonic realm.

Rise Of Avernus closes the album with the understated complexity of “Into Aetherium” which features an initially contemplative approach filled of classical gothic tinged melodies and inspired atmospheric layers before unleashing an overdose of fiery guitar riffs & drums that inevitably evoke the darkest depths of extreme metal while a slower cathartic moment will later favor a gloomy melodic ensemble and epic symphonic accents.

While the harsh extreme metal moments are certainly empowering throughout “Eigengrau” it must be noted that the symphonic arrangements are absolutely stunning and ultimately ensure a charismatic listening experience.

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