Heidevolk – Vuur Van Verzet

Dutch Pagan metal brotherhood Heidevolk proudly unleashes a new folkish collection of songs on the full length “Vuur Van Verzet” which promises to get you ready for the battlefield.

Like a story of revolt and resistance “Ontwaakt” brings you solemn warrior chants and fierce guitar riffing that build steady rhythmic dynamics but the highlights can be found in the pagan/folk detailed melodic tapestries featuring charming flutes & strings that continuously emerge throughout the song with undeniable magical vibes.

“A Wolf In My Heart” will become a favorite with a blend of crunchy riffage and enchanting violin while the whole tribe of warriors theme becomes extremely palpable in the various fervent chants and guitars also focus on widely accessible polished melodies.

“The Alliance” has a profound Viking essence with battle ready chants accompanying an upbeat riffage & drumming that does acquire some heavier dynamics in the midst of folk acoustic passages and calmer atmospheric nuances provided by violins.

On the inspired instrumental “Het Oneindige Woud” the band puts aside the usual galloping riffs to evoke enchanted soundscapes with the minimalist elegance of violins and acoustic guitars that put together graceful ethereal harmonies bearing a distinct folk spirit.

The ardent epic mood of “Gungnir” revolves around an empowering rhythmic backbone where guitar riffs keep a steady crushing groove embellished by sophisticated violins, subtle symphonic arrangements and fierce vocal delivery as we are still at the verge of a crucial battle.

The charismatic combo of violin and acoustic arpeggios hold a primary role on “Het Juk Der Tijd” creating the right archaic folk atmosphere that will fuel strong guitar riffs as well as more dramatic melodic textures.

While “Vuur Van Verzet” doesn’t deliver particularly sonic innovations it does shine for the passionate folk mood that will immediately take you to the middle of some unknown forest, most likely with bonfire and Vikings, and Heidevolk showcases an empowering cohesive songwriting approach.

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