Novareign – Legends

Southern California’s progressive power metal outfit Novareign is ready to impress the listeners with the untamed energy and over-the-top shredding of the debut album “Legends”.

“Beyond the Cold” certainly gives you an idea of the mature musicianship of this band as the song relies on majestic riffage, fast monumental rhythmic patterns and clean high pitch vocal delivery typical of classic power metal yet dramatic melodies also hold a primary role leading to all kinds of flamboyant shredding in the fancy guitar solos.

“Heavy Heart” is filled of powerful guitar driven grooves executed in proper power metal fashion as polished guitars march confidently throughout the song keeping a heavy approach and will eventually reach a glorious acme with multiple sensational guitar solos which evoke more melodic themes.

With increased complexity “Skyline” stands out for the stellar guitar work featuring elegant neoclassical shredding while triumphant tight riffs and big catchy choruses continue to stay true to a familiar power metal pathway yet everything is rendered more interesting by eclectic tempo variations and additional compelling guitar leads.

Still dwelling in a realm of warriors and myths “Black As The Dead Of Night” gains more speed as massive drums and guitar riffs ensure high impact energy with steady fierce rhythmic patterns yet several enthralling guitar solos bearing prog oriented technical accents tend to steal the spotlight.

The title track holds entertaining variety with odd time signature but thick bass lines and bold drumming continue to maintain power metal oriented grooves while guitars once again aim to impress with technical skills and thrilling intricate solos.

It would be farfetched to define Novareign’s music style highly innovative as renowned bands like Dragonforce and Angra definitely are a great influence nevertheless the epic energetic vibes of “Legends” cannot be ignored and will easily conquer the hearts of power metal acolytes also with its fantasy inspired themes.

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