Deathwhite – For A Black Tomorrow

American trio Deathwhite raises the bar with the release of the first full length “For A Black Tomorrow” focusing on the creation of melancholia infused melodies and an emotional music journey.

“The Grace Of The Dark” immediately showcases the whole album’s gloomy mood blending cohesive guitar melodies and occasional softer contemplative moments through a series of understated elegant rhythmic crescendos always enhanced by a quite genuine vocal delivery.

The desolate mood of “Poisoned” is fully expressed since the very beginning where graceful acoustic harmonies will introduce gothic tinged grooves but will often return to add extra melodic depth and emotional intensity which is also matched by the naturally heartfelt vocals.

“Eden” feels even more melancholic with distant dreamy arpeggios naturally evolving into darker melodic soundscapes where guitars certainly hold a prominent role providing a generous dosage of sorrowful harmonies as well as some more energetic rhythmic dynamics.

“Death And The Master” immediately channels a profound melancholia that will inevitably captivate the listeners with sorrowful minimalist melodies which will soon embrace a distorted darkened rhythmic momentum as guitars build mid-paced catchy grooves and maintain a prominent melodic essence in the solo.

The title track definitely doesn’t deviate from the contemplative music formula which here is further enhanced by a smooth familiar ensemble of crispy guitar riffs and plenty of crestfallen melodies that will recur throughout the song channeling darkly emotional vibes with growing intensity.

While “For A Black Tomorrow” is not exactly groundbreaking, Deathwhite confidently embraces 90’s dark metal signature elements and fills the album with several pleasantly introspective moments & consistent accessible melodic grooves that will easily attract lovers of such genre.

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