The Absence – A Gift For The Obsessed

Tampa death metal band The Absence finally returns to the scene with the 4th studio album “A Gift For The Obsessed” packing exciting guitar driven grooves mixed with a nice dosage of darkened melo-death moments.

The title track demands attention keeping solid rhythmic bursts full of fancy guitar shredding and several recognizable old school European style death metal elements therefore the whole structure will sound familiar to many and the band never fails to add variegated dynamics, especially with the brilliant lead guitar work, to such winning music formula.

On “Misery Trophies” the band proudly unleashes another round of melo-death grooves keeping tight guitar driven rhythmic blasts that will always lead to sorrowful and often intricately contemplative melodic concoctions that continue to shine for the impressive lead guitars.

Even if the rhythmic patterns might feel less hostile “The Forging” is still filled with many crushing death metal moments with solid guitar riffs and furious growls yet the melodic essence of this track holds a crucial role as guitars focus on darkened & melancholic nuances to craft a series of crispy melodies and full blown shredding solos.

“Septic Testament” amplifies the ferocious aspects of The Absence’s chosen music pathway immediately delivering a savage rhythmic ensemble where thunderous drums and crunchy riffing seem unstoppable but will eventually slow down to offer soothing melodies and spiritual vibes as lead guitars rightfully take the spotlight with creative solos.

Angered guitar riffs take the lead on “Fear Of Existence” fiercely maintaining classic death metal vibes that offer a massive rhythmic backbone to support more complex melodic guitar passages and elegant solos that will further enrich the profoundly dark mood.

On the final track “Idle Thrones” there is never a dull moment as the majestic guitar work ensures great variety shifting from sheer brutality with thick riffs in proper death metal fashion to wildly entertaining guitar solos that will pop up triumphantly multiple times throughout the untamed rhythmic fury always amplified by super intense growls.

After being on hiatus The Absence are now showcasing great band chemistry and while “A Gift For The Obsessed” doesn’t stand out particularly for innovative music style it is definitely a cohesive & highly energetic death metal album.
A Gift For The Obsessed

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