Tengil – Shouldhavebeens

Young Swedish post-hardcore band Tengil will absolutely surprise and captivate the listeners with the spiritual essence, the diverse music approach and the undiluted nostalgia that characterize the sophomore album Shouldhavebeens

“I Dreamt I Was Old” stands out for the enigmatic rumbling rhythm built by a never-ending loop of dazed synths but soon ethereal guitar passages gracefully evoke wistful daydreaming and bright melodic accents further enriched by a deeply melancholic clean vocal delivery that acquires even more poignant vibes when everything becomes quiet and contemplative to favor minimalist atmospheres before embracing a final borderline chaotic rhythmic burst.

With a bittersweet harmonious essence “And The Best Was Yet To Come” is still full of whimsical atmospheric accents but revolves around a proper blackgaze essence with a generous dosage of distorted blackened guitar riffing that will leave enough space for many dreamy melodic passages which will inevitably hold a primary role together with intensely emotional vocals.

“It’s All For Springtime” begins with uplifting atmospheric nuances matched by bright guitar melodies but the song holds a stronger darkened emotional core that will fiercely emerge when a serious blast of distorted guitars and faster tempo takes over followed by edgy experimental dynamics and desperately chaotic sounds leaving behind the earlier wistfulness.

“All For Your Myth” still has experimental textures but a profound sense of nostalgia and longing plays a major influence on the songwriting generating a moody ensemble of soft arpeggios and ambiance atmospheres that belong to a realm made of pale dreams.

In reality it would be hard to categorize the soundscapes of “Shouldhavebeens” as the sonic emotional whirlwind of this album offers a multitude of music influences ranging from modern shoegaze to the obvious obscurity of post-black metal resulting in a refreshing yet highly nostalgic effort.


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