Spiritual Front – Amour Braque

Led by mastermind Simone H. Salvatori Italian trio Spiritual Front returns with the first new work of music in eight years poetically entitled “Amour Braque” which evokes all the decadent nuances of the band’s nihilist suicide pop manifesto.

It’s easy to embrace the languid melodies of “Tenderness Through Violence” that becomes exquisitely romantic & decadent when the pure beauty of strings joins the melodic guitar phrases and the smooth melancholic vocal delivery.

That feeling of melancholia is extremely amplified on “The Abyss Of Heaven” which maintains a neofolk ballad mood with darkened guitar passages and echoes of distant trumpets that build lovely atmospheric soundscapes as well as subtle epic vibes.

“Children Of The Black Light” dwells in a darker gothic sonic realm where minimalist guitar melodies and shimmering strings join forces to create moody harmonies and intriguing rhythmic variations enhanced by the understated gloomy romance constantly evoked by intense vocals.

“Pain Is Love” is another decadent anthem filled of polychromatic emotions fully expressed by softly dark melodic guitars which march gracefully in the midst of elegant atmospheric arrangements.

The warm melodic essence of “Beauty Of Decay” continues to maintain a ballad style minimal rhythm with a soothing ensemble of guitar and strings but certainly doesn’t sacrifice that delicious combo of darkness and nihilism that characterizes the entire album.

With another round of charismatic & catchy melodies “Devoted To You” shines for the heartfelt somber vocals that are obviously telling a story of love and endless pain while guitars and strings craft darkly romantic textures.

You will instantly fall in love with the undiluted gloomy magic of “Vladimir Central” as moody guitars and piano effortlessly create a hymn to pure melancholia and a genuine declaration of love enriched by a darkened vocal delivery and an addictively catchy chorus.

Spiritual Front’s sixth full-length album “Amour Braque” is a collection of dark catchy ballads telling stories of love & sex with remarkable neofolk vibes destined to attract a niche but passionately devoted audience.


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