Crematory – Oblivion

With a twenty seven years career German gothic metal band Crematory has rightfully earned a solid status in the metal scene and the new album “Oblivion”, which also happens to be the fourteenth release in the prolific band’s discography, comes with loads of melodic hooks and cohesive creative force.

Starting with triumphant symphonic layers “Salvation” swiftly embraces a catchy darkened groove as tight guitar riffs and Felix’s signature deep growls take the lead and while the primary core maintains a gothic mood the chorus of clean soothing vocals and easy melodic guitars provide widely accessible tonalities.

On “Until The Dawn” sumptuous keyboards arrangements ensure a solemn beginning that will lead to another round of darkly entertaining grooves as guitars continue to shift from classic metal riffage to bright melodic moments enhanced by emotionally charged vocal harmonies.

A dark melancholy immediately sets the mood on “Wrong Side” with lovely keyboards melodies that will recur throughout the song’s guitar driven subdued grooves to amplify such goth infused vibes while inspired somber vocals are mixed to a fair dosage of powerful growls.  

“For All Of Us” aims to become as accessible as possible favoring a symphonic approach where keyboards dominate the song’s structure providing polychromatic layers to surround & support the catchy and certainly radio friendly chorus that again focuses on a particularly emotive vocal delivery nevertheless you still get to hear Felix’s enraged growls marching fiercely through the melodic guitars and occasional inflamed riffs.

“Immortal” favors electro arrangements with a futuristic danceable attitude that embellish the main catchy rock elements and inevitably generates positive energy while Felix’s growls continue to channel the darkest elements of Crematory’s classic songwriting style.

The title track showcases a mellower melancholic side but still delivers successfully a gothic tinged rock groove diligently built by crunchy guitar riffs and menacing growls further embellished by a wide array of modern electro accents before a crispy clean chorus steals the spotlight channeling darkened emotions with a pleasantly poignant vocal performance followed by polished guitar melodies.

“Demon Inside” is definitely one of the heaviest tracks on this album confidently drawing inspiration from old school gothic metal with Felix taking the spotlight to deliver massive diabolical growls over steady darkened guitar riffs but a graceful melodic essence will gain the spotlight with luminous orchestrations.

In all these years we got used to marvelous songs by Crematory and despite the various line up changes “Oblivion” conserves the band’s quintessential gothic style and is another strong effort that deserves to be listened loud on repeat to simply delight the band’s loyal fans but also conquer the heart of new acolytes.


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