Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – Dirt

You could get lost within the sonic labyrinth of “Dirt”, the latest effort generated by the shape shifting creative force of Noh-Wave prog rock collective Yamantaka // Sonic Titan.

“Someplace” flows like a daydream as the band concocts polychromatic atmospheres that will shift from sheer melancholy to brighter moments matched by softly ethereal vocals while guitars spice up everything with intense often chaotic distortion and flamboyant rock acrobatics.

“Dark Waters” does indeed dwell in a darker murky sonic realm where guitars feel utterly majestic delivering frenetic unconventional rhythmic variations as well as luminous melodies but will ultimately embrace savage rock tonalities through hypnotic atmospheric layers.

Crushing distorted guitars lead the way on the rebellious track “Yandere” which packs many melodic rock hooks but definitely goes beyond a standard formula creating all kinds of heavier groovy rhythmic dynamics and contrasting electro elements.

You will be fatally attracted by the haunting atmospheres & melodies of “Hungry Ghost” which in the beginning favors theatrical textures but will soon enter a psychedelic realm of raw guitar riffs and avant-garde saxophone floating through dissonant heavy rhythmic patterns.

On the title track the aptly dirty guitar sound will steal the spotlight delivering fiery rocking grooves embellished by unexpected experimental accents and enigmatic keyboards arrangements with dissonant hints while vocals often channel darkly soothing emotions.

“Out Of Time” follows steady rock rhythmic dynamics packing solid rounds of crunchy guitar riffs and almost polished solos that channel a multifaceted melodic essence that will occasionally re-surface through the intricate yet often surprisingly catchy instrumental segments.

If you are looking for a unique music experience then you will need to grab asap a copy of “Dirt” as on this album Yamantaka // Sonic Titan fiercely pushes standard boundaries to craft a magical and artsy work of music.

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