King Witch – Under The Mountain

Scottish metal/doom rockers King Witch are just starting a promising intense music journey with the intriguing ideas and passionate approach of the debut full length “Under The Mountain”.

Surrounded by inspired somber atmospheres “Beneath The Waves” opens the album ensuring a solid doom core as guitars confidently build roaring riffs and hypnotic melodies shifting from wild grooves to darkened momentum while vocalist Laura Donnelly proves to be the star of the show offering a charismatic rock delivery.

On “Carnal Sacrifice” frenetic guitars unleash multiple massive rounds of heavy riffs contributing to the creation of a steady powerful groove that will require immediate headbanging and such high energy is certainly matched by Laura’s majestic vibrato.

The title track doesn’t waste any time as guitars hold again a crucial role following feverish rhythmic blasts to deliver a rich rhythmic backbone that fiercely channels classic metal flavors but will eventually embrace a slower ominous mood with a fair dosage of doom oriented melodies.

The introspective atmospheres of “Approaching The End” instantly evoke the tenebrous vibes of traditional doom metal as the whole instrumentation follow dramatically slower rhythms and the guitar solos crafts absolutely dismal tonalities while Laura’s cathartic performance will definitely impress the audience.

“Hunger” maintains a slower yet intensely heavy rhythmic ensemble as guitars smoothly blend classic doom riffage and bluesy melodic accents that will become particularly spacey in the sweet psychedelic tinged breakdown followed by a rightfully flamboyant rocking guitar solo.  

Despite being a debut album “Under The Mountain” showcases truly mature musicianship & songwriting as King Witch definitely draws inspiration from the golden days of classic doom rock/metal yet ventures further to achieve a personal style.
Under The Mountain

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