Khemmis – Desolation

Following the memorable success of the 2016 release “Hunted” Denver quartet Khemmis is ready to impress a wider audience with the third full length “Desolation” which certainly features the doom tonalities that attracted so much attention but the band also continues to further explore diverse music territories to achieve a unique signature style.

“Bloodletting” doesn’t waste any time focusing on a series of darkened crescendos fueled by mesmerizing guitar melodies that truly express an emotional whirlwind matched by heartfelt clean vocals. Despite the evident melodic nature this song maintains an inner intricacy with the addition of mournful doom accents and moments of blistering rhythmic fury surrounding the grandiose diversity of the lead guitar work.

On “Isolation” you will notice how the whole instrumentation has a shimmering fluidity as loads of highly somber guitar melodies perfectly flows throughout the song well supported by a precise rhythmic backbone but definitely here lead guitars hold a primary role constantly delivering all kinds of remarkable, often profoundly melancholic, harmonies and elegant technical twists.

“Maw Of Time” acquires a distinct rhythmic urgency as drum blasts become utterly fierce followed by thick doom inspired riffage and recurring exceptionally ominous growls while the enticing lead guitar work will immediately grab your attention meticulously crafting deeply darkened melodies and primordial sludgy momentum.

The majestic complexity of “From Ruin” simply cannot be ignored as guitars sinuously create a heartbreaking melodic ensemble leading to various introspective moments where vocals acquire an inspiring passionate delivery. While the melodic grandeur aptly evoke immense desolation and pure melancholy, this song will later acquire dazzling energetic blasts as the rhythmic section picks up speed followed by feverish classic metal oriented guitar leads and extra darkened tonalities.

“Desolation” owes much of its strength to the genuine emotional quality and the intriguing composition as Khemmis is clearly eager to improve in order to conquer a crucial status in the current metal scene.

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