The Dark Red Seed – Becomes Awake

King Dude guitarist Tosten Larson and engineer Shawn Flemming new musical outlet The Dark Red Seed last year released the enigmatic debut EP “Stands with Death” and now the band is ready to truly reveal a unique music manifesto with the full length “Becomes Awake”.

This intense music journey begins with the mystical tonalities of “Dukkha” soon followed by a mix of crunchy guitar riffs and lavish fuzzy melodies that accompany heartfelt vocals but there are also avant-garde moments featuring dissonant saxophone & synths dynamics that effortlessly enhance the mysterious mood.

“Darker Days” offers familiar dark folk nuances with intricate acoustic phrases and a profound melancholy yet this track features minimalist and absolutely captivating grooves skillfully amplified  by another round of dissonant multi instrumental progressions.

On “Ancient Sunrise” surreal soundscapes are influenced by exotic music flavors with mystical chants floating through shimmering minimalist acoustic passages which will be further adorned by dreamlike atmospheres and horns.

“The Destroyer” gradually guides you through a grim atmospheric maze where vocals acquire a gloomy poetic delivery following a soft passionate melodic crescendo featuring the alluring beauty of strings, graceful acoustic guitars and occasional epic trumpets.  

The darkened rhythm of “Awakening” will ensure a trance state with a steady enigmatic rhythmic crescendo spontaneously crafted by calm atmospheric arrangements and vibrat guitar melodies.

“Diana And Ouroboros Dance” begins with psychedelic distortions that introduce a contemplative mood made of slow burning guitar melodies but the inner chaotic soul of the song is bound to emerge with enticing saxophone passages, wilder vocals and a final charismatic dissonant  momentum.

Becomes Awake

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