Candlemass – House Of Doom

Swedish doom metal pioneers Candlemass will finally release a new full length in fall 2018 but while you’re anxiously waiting you can have a taste of authentic epic doom with the EP aptly entitled “House Of Doom” which contains four tracks that will simply delight the band’s faithful fans.

Starting a descent into darkness the title track aims to satisfy your appetite for true timeless doom metal, yet rest assured that this is not just a revival of the golden days as Candlemass sound extremely relevant and actually necessary in the modern metal scene. Thick darkened guitar riffs lead the way to a familiar sense of impending doom yet despite the profoundly somber tonalities the whole instrumentation effortlessly create catchy grooves further enhanced by the gloomy splendor of the hammond organ melodies adding extra eerie vibes that introduce the epic shredded guitar solo while Mats Levén proves to be an extraordinarily charismatic vocalist for Candlemass.

With haunting towering guitar riffs “Flowers Of Deception” ensures an untamed dismal doom with signature slow and majestic heavy tonalities yet the song showcases also great sonic variety with slick tempo changes leading to fiery grooves and a fervent guitar solo as well as moments of sheer melancholy where bass lines evoke a mysterious aura and Mats’s vocals become particularly passionate with a dramatic delivery.

“Fortuneteller” is not a standard acoustic ballad but certainly puts aside the monumental doom textures to channel an exquisite melancholic warmth with fragile minimalist phrases and subtle folk flavors which allow Mats’s sublime voice and heartbreaking delivery to steal the spotlight.

The instrumental final track “Dolls On A Wall” begins with an overdose of monolithic guitar riffs in perfect doom fashion, consequently the atmosphere becomes perilously obscure as guitars impeccably maintain a heavy mournful groove spiced up by the compelling gloomy dynamics of the guitar solo.

Listening to “House Of Doom” you will long for more and immediately realize that mastermind Leif Edling is back with brilliant ideas as Candlemass appear in excellent shape eager to reconfirm their seminal status in the metal scene.
House Of Doom

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