Voices – Frightened

The fact that British band Voices features members of Akercocke should already trigger your curiosity and the new full length “Frightened” is bound to generate interest with precise musicianship and an uncompromising desire to explore several music styles in order to achieve a unique sonic identity.

“Unknown” immediately showcases otherworldly textures & atmospheres that hold a darkened soul that will often emerge with the chaotic strength expressed by a punishing riffing & drumming combo and hellish screams through the prog influenced tempo variations and consequent intricate instrumental segments that tend to catch you off guard.

While in the beginning “Rabbits Curse” offers soothing melodic flavors and an exquisite darkly baroque atmosphere featuring baritone theatrics accompanied by piano & arpeggios soon an insanity crescendo will lead to several style and tempo variations that certainly bear the mark of prog metal, especially emphasized by the guitar and drum work, yet the band goes beyond any standard music category.

It’s love at the very first listening when “IWSYA” starts with the sheer beauty of acoustic guitars and strings surrounded by precious ethereal atmospheres that instantly favor a poetic intensely melancholic mood that will eventually allow a more obscure rampage fueled by nightmarish screams and blackened guitar driven rhythms.

The complex drumming at the core of  “Dead Feelings” will inevitably contribute to the creation of several intricate progressive and often dissonant moments with the addition of particularly tormented vocals nevertheless this track also showcases elegant melodic textures with a distinct gothic inspiration.

The primary rhythmic section of “Funeral Day” might feel harsher due to the super thick guitar riffs but as the band continues to explore variegated sonic territories the monumental heavier tonalities effortlessly blend with somber guitar melodies and gothic tinged atmospheric arrangements.  

Channeling an irresistible melancholic darkness “Footsteps” features sumptuous orchestrations and gentle melodic progressions elegantly emphasized by mournful classical violins and an intense gloomy vocal delivery that work harmoniously to create a perennial gothic splendor.

“Frightened” is an album that will always keep you guessing due to its inner eclectic nature as Voices deliberately and effortlessly craft multiple unexpected contrasting sonic textures with a highly diverse songwriting approach.

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