Graveyard – Peace

We were all heartbroken when charismatic Swedish rockers Graveyard announced their breakup back in 2016 so it is a great pleasure to celebrate their return with the raw catchy energy of the new album “Peace”.

The fierce & feverish rhythm of “It Ain’t Over Yet” will get you moving & grooving at the very first listening as the band jams wildly channeling delicious vintage tonalities through moody guitar melodies, steady inflamed riffing and frenetic party vibes that keep on exploding during the flamboyant guitar solo while vocals master the timeless raspy seasoned rocker style.

A somber melodic streak begins to emerge on “Cold Love” as drums and guitar riffs are always ready to deliver undiluted energy but maintain a slightly softer classic rock appeal through grandiose fuzzy waves of sound and Joakim’s voice acquires a bittersweet melancholic delivery.

“Please Don’t” offers a generous dosage of bluesy tonalities as guitars still maintain a dominant role crafting loads of gritty distorted riffs that naturally reach the acme with the sweet psychedelic flavors of the solo and the organ phrases while the whole band effortlessly follow this spontaneous jam.

“Walk On” can certainly feel darker with a desert session style breakdown, a truly contemplative moment full of genuine fuzzy guitar licks, yet throughout the song vibrant guitars never cease to create the right moody groove amplified by the authentic vintage tones of the fancy solo.

“A Sign Of Peace” is the track that will become immediately addictive and must be played loud to fully enjoy its inner true passion for rock as the whole instrumentation confidently & audaciously builds unstoppable groovy crescendos with unrestrained guitar work leading the show and Joakim’s vocal performance is absolutely captivating.

“Low (I Wouldn’t Mind)” is a rather intricate song where darker emotions gradually introduce a wilder rock ride that goes through multiple sonic metamorphosis as the rhythm often becomes chaotic with turbulent beats and acidic guitar driven grooves resulting in a massive psychedelic/multichromatic/hypnotic maze and the comforting allure of Joakim’s voice becomes your only trustworthy guide.

As the retro rock wave keeps on growing stronger in the current rock/metal scene Graveyard still reconfirms to be one of the best acts representing such genre and “Peace” marks an absolutely delightful comeback that deserves your full attention.

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