Orange Goblin – The Wolf Bites Back

For over twenty years British icons Orange Goblin have been truly devoted to the noble art of heavy metal and their irresistible blend of doom & stoner continues to influence and inspire the metal scene as well as the fans. With the latest effort “The Wolf Bites Back” the band returns in excellent shape ready to fearlessly & proudly unleash a collection of powerful songs with nihilist lyrical themes.

The chunky guitar riffs of the witchery themed album opener “Sons Of Salem” inevitably lead to blazing stoner grooves and everything becomes rather hectic as guitars seem just unstoppable until the solo brings extra fuzzy melodic hooks.

The title track begins with somber arpeggios yet this is not a simple melancholic tune as bursts of anger will emerge through the untamed heavy guitar riffs that must be played loud and the raucous vocal delivery certainly enhances the steady gritty rhythmic dynamics.

The super thick bass lines of “Swords Of Fire” conjure impending doom & consequent desolation and are soon joined by the right dosage of darkly monumental guitar riffs before giving way to the abrasive energy of a faster rhythmic crescendo.

Guitars become all bluesy and laid back on “The Stranger” which features a slower mellow pace to smoothly focus on opulent melodic guitar work and the organ’s vintage rock tonalities yet this is a moody track that will eventually embrace a proper stoner groove picking up speed & intensity.

While “Burn The Ships” displays right away a familiar infectious stoner groove a spacey introspective momentum will take over when guitars naturally shift from a wild riffing galore to a rich darkened melodic ensemble accompanied by soulful narratives.

“Zeitgeist” emphasizes a genuine emotional whirlwind and sorrowful feelings as vocals aptly acquire a grim delivery and guitars concentrate mainly on lavish multifaceted melodic nuances leading to the absolutely sparkling vibes of flamboyant solos.

So the world is a disaster and Orange Goblin scream louder to express their total frustration through the raw addictive energy of “The Wolf Bites Back” which will definitely reconfirm their essential status in the metal scene.
The Wolf Bites Back

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