Drudkh – They Often See Dreams About the Spring

Ukrainian black metal band Drudkh  returns with the new release “They Often See Dreams About the Spring” crafting traditional blackened momentum as an oppressive shroud of gelid winter descends on the listeners.

While there is a remarkable atmospheric approach on “Nakryta Neba Burym Dakhom” reminiscent of modern blackgaze style with some fascinating contemplative & dramatically slower melodies this lengthy track still revolves around many traditional black metal elements as a thick darkness fuels raw and faster rhythmic sections.

“U Dakhiv Irzhavim Kolossyu” feels calmer and ethereal with an immediate melodic approach as guitars put together graceful harmonies yet the blackened heart of the song still emerges occasionally with growing intensity as drums and riffing acquire punishing black metal dynamics.

The album closes with the impenetrable obscurity of “Bilyavyi Den’ Vtomyvsya I prytykh” where the band confidently unleashes massive blackened energy with an overdose of ferocious rhythmic blasts and desperate growls briefly interrupted by scattered melodic moments resulting in a rather desolate soundscape.

“They Often See Dreams About the Spring” is an album immersed in total darkness from beginning to end as Drudkh diligently continues to channel mysterious melodies and indisputed black metal fury.

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