Hypno5e – Alba – Les Ombres Errantes

French post-metal pioneers Hypno5e return with the new album “Alba – Les Ombres Errantes” which is actually a particularly interesting release being the soundtrack of the first full length movie directed and filmed in Bolivia by singer and guitar player Emmanuel Jessua.

With such a beautiful poetic title “Who Wakes Up From This Dream Does Not Bear My Name” will trigger immediate curiosity. Here everything moves sinuously following an imaginary heartbeat through hazy darkened roads as the band certainly uses familiar elements of post-metal to evoke surreal cinematic soundscapes with fascinating intricate guitar melodies and heartfelt acoustic passages drenched in overwhelming melancholia accompanied by delightfully gentle vocals and solemn atmospheric arrangements.

Narratives and gentle acoustic phrases lead the way on “Cuarto del Alba” which is certainly full of ardent emotions naturally expressed by the passionate vocal delivery and the mixture of sober atmospheres and enchanting instrumental crescendos.

“Night on the Petrified Sea” offers abstract moments fueled by unusual acoustic passages that far from the standard mellow tonalities truly display an eclectic nature and prog inspiration leading to technical guitar work and dreamlike atmospheres.

Besides the poignant acoustic melodies “The Wandering Shadows” stands out for the sophisticated orchestrations that enhance the atmospheric grandeur and the poetic mood while percussions and additional melodic layers create ethereal yet groovy rhythmic segments.

“Light of Desert and the Shadows Inside” begins with dreamy atmospheric arrangements soon followed by exquisite sorrowful vocals & acoustic guitars that skillfully depict inspiring darkened soundscapes which will gradually become even more magical with the addition of refined orchestrations and will briefly embrace a more energetic proggy rhythmic momentum.

Leaving temporarily behind loud & heavy distortions Hypno5e focus on telling an emotional story blending images and acoustic melodies that render “Alba – Les Ombres Errantes” a unique cinematic emotionally charged experience.
Alba – Les ombres errantes

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