At The Gates – To Drink From The Night Itself

We all remember how Swedish melodic death metal veterans At The Gates made a stunning debut in the scene with the album “The Red In The Sky Is Ours” back in 1992 and now the band returns with full commitment and a clear vision to deliver the menacing energy of the new full length “To Drink From The Night Itself”.  

The title track doesn’t waste time and unleashes immediately a fierce rhythmic section with precise fast drumming and super heavy guitar riffs but will often embrace a rather somber melodic essence when lead guitars provide loads of beloved grim melo-death variations reminiscent of the band’s renowned signature style.

In the beginning “Palace Of Lepers” offers a slower rhythm to favor dramatic and absolutely catchy melodic guitars but there are still moments of sheer brutality scattered through the dramatic textures in order to trigger a moshpit friendly momentum always amplified by Tomas Lindberg’ ferocious vocals.

“Daggers Of Black Haze” begins with orchestral grandeur creating a deliciously dark mood that will continue to influence the masterful primary melodic ensemble featuring impeccably obscure guitar tonalities and a general sense of desolation yet the slower rhythm doesn’t necessarily sacrifice the song’s heavy core.

With a generous round of punishing drumming and thick guitar riffs “The Chasm” moves sinuously through a monumental darkness where vocals feel insanely desperate and lead guitars aim to evoke tragic emotions with the perfect melodic fluidity of the solo.

On “In Nameless Sleep” the rhythmic segments can become quite aggressive with feverish riffage and of course the majestic thunderous drums while the atmosphere feels increasingly hopeless with moments full of morbid melancholic melodies until guest guitarist Andy LaRocque delivers a truly charismatic shredded solo.

“The Mirror Black” closes the album with the exquisite darkened elegance and pure melancholy of the final solemn classical orchestrations while throughout the song the rhythm becomes dramatically slower to enhance the utter anguish of Lindberg’s growls and the profound emotions expressed by the melodic guitar work.  

Undoubtedly “To Drink From The Night Itself” preserves the blend of melodic despair and aggressive dynamics that has characterized At The Gates discography yet the band is eager to express an ex novo creative energy and a genuinely passionate songwriting approach that will be absolutely appreciated by the fans and will reconfirm their influential status in the metal scene.   
To Drink From The Night Itself

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