Nocturnal Graves – Titan

Australian extreme metallers Nocturnal Graves are ready to spread undiluted darkness and uncompromising ferocity on the newest full length “Titan”.

On “Resistance” the mood is absolutely oppressive as the band knows no restrain and unleashes a tight series of guitar riffs staying true to old school extreme metal elements while ominous growls and extremely somber melodic leads diligently amplify the song’s inner darkness that acquires impending doom tonalities in the final moments.

The blackened force of “Ecdysis, Shedding Weak Flesh” is immediately palpable as killer guitar riffs lead the scene relentlessly accompanied by steady abyssal growls and precise rhythmic sections that here do not feel exaggeratedly fast but rather give space for darkly contemplative and dramatically slow moments favoring the grim melodic guitar work.

“Bow Before None” conjures a traditional blackened thrash essence with menacing riffage that at times feels simply unstoppable following merciless rhythmic blasts spiced up by inflamed lead guitars and a darkly cathartic momentum.

On “Silence The Martyrs” guitars hold a hellish raw energy and drums dictate a breakneck thunderous speed but there are still introspective moments where lead guitars focus on more melodic and variegated progressions.

The title track is a triumphant hymn to darkness as venomous guitar riffs and drums successfully build ruthless grooves but a massive blackened aura persistently surrounds and influences the intense melodic solos.

Nocturnal Graves have a clear music vision in mind and never refrain from delivering an overwhelming dosage of brutality so you better be ready to mosh & headbang like there’s no tomorrow when you listen to “Titan”.

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