Tsjuder – Throne Of The Goat

Norwegian cult black metal stalwarts Tsjuder are proudly releasing a new edition of their first EP “Throne Of The Goat” which includes the original tracks and a complete re-recording.

There are two full track on this EP and both the 1997 original recording and the new versions share the same raw blackened energy that will inevitably characterize the band’s entire discography.

The new version of the title track is certainly more polished and benefits from fancier gear but the cult black metal dynamics are still intact with thunderous guitar riffing galore, demonic growls and super fast & brutal rhythmic segments.

“Dying Spirit” often follows a breakneck speed and as traditional black metal dictates evokes absolutely bleak soundscapes with evident oppressive feelings fully expressed by raw guitar riffs, ominous growls and scattered diabolical melodic moments.

Needless to say the sonic realm of “Throne Of The Goat” is made of undiluted darkness and hellish nightmares hard to leave behind as Tsjuder shows the fans how it all started.
Throne of the Goat

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