With The End In Mind – Unraveling; Arising

Based in Olympia, Washington black metallers With The End In Mind are finally ready to release the debut full length “Unraveling; Arising” which promises a modern mixture of ferocious blackened blasts and gloomy atmospheres.

There is no escape from the nihilist realm of “Sings The Sky” as the apparent peace evoked by the initial shoegaze inspired combo of hazy atmospheric arrangements and graceful melodic guitars is wiped away by a thunderous blackened force that will eventually conquer the spotlight with unstoppable hectic dynamics.

“From The True Source” almost feels brighter as emotionally charged crystalline guitar melodies and fragile atmospheres become the main focus until the unrestrained blackened energy re-emerges through fierce rhythmic segments, reverb galore and distant ferocious growls.

With growing intensity darkness descends on “Wheeling, Endlessly Wheeling” followed by profoundly melancholic guitar melodies that depict fragile & dreamy soundscapes enhanced by gentle female vocals generating a sense of tranquility that will be abruptly interrupted by blackened fury.

With The End In MInd have just started their music journey and seem to be fully committed to the cascadian atmospheric black metal approach that creates a realm of infinite sadness and asphyxiating rhythms on “Unraveling; Arising”.
Unraveling; Arising

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