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Started by Sabaton’s longtime collaborator Ken Kängström, Swedish power metallers Follow The Cipher are eager to reach a wide audience with the debut self titled album which focuses on a renowned & beloved music formula in the metal scene with additional modern twists.

“Enter The Cipher” invites the listeners to join this young band in this bombastic music endeavor opening the album with solemn atmospheric arrangements that create a suspenseful momentum that will lead to a super catchy combo of keyboards and guitars. There are hints of classic symphonic metal in the background with a strong inner melodic essence structured to enhance the charismatic performance of vocalist Linda Toni Grahn.

“Valkyria” focuses more on the electro elements of the band’s style ensuring a modern approach yet the traditional power metal influence remains quite important in the songwriting with the right dosage of triumphant keyboards & guitars melodies within the harsher rhythmic dynamics.

Even if the electro arrangements of “My Soldier” still hold a crucial role the overall atmosphere becomes utterly melancholic with the occasional heartfelt piano melodies and Linda’s emotionally charged vocals which contribute to enhance the song’s melodic power metal ballad aspects.

With a polished wall of sound “The Rising” mixes futuristic vibes and classic power metal riffs to ensure maximum groovy force with a slightly dramatic mood while lead guitars always craft melodic passages amplified in the fancy solo.

“A Mind’s Escape” features loads of soothing melodies which shift from the mellow & catchy vibes of the chorus to a deeper melancholy expressed by soft synths layers and passionate vocals but there are also some epic symphonic moments that will create darker atmospheres.

“Starlight” is meant to be played loud featuring another solid ensemble of powerful guitar riffs, entertaining solo acrobatics and flamboyant keyboards but the whole instrumental formula is certainly spiced up by the fierce growls and a heavier rhythmic section.

This is just the beginning of an exciting journey but Follow The Cipher already have a clear sonic manifesto that will appeal to power metal acolytes as the album mainly relies on melodic hooks and crunchy riffage.
Follow the Cipher

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