Madder Mortem – Marrow

Even if the current metal scene feels rather crowded a unique band like Norway’s Madder Mortem will always stand out for the ambitious multifaceted songwriting approach and the genuine desire to challenge standard genre boundaries. The result of Madder Mortem zealous music exploration and dauntless creativity is the new opus “Marrow” which from beginning to end demands your utmost attention.

The initial intriguing bass lines of “Liberator” foreshadow an eclectic sonic realm as Madder Mortem embarks on a stylish music journey making their own rules and offering moments of profound melancholy mixed with a series of dense guitar driven grooves that ensure an energetic heavy rhythmic core while the extraordinary vocalist Agnete effortlessly shifts from bold delivery to smooth harmonies.

“Until You Return” feels quite romantic with the perfect dosage of dreamy melodic guitar progressions that naturally accompany Agnete’s haunting voice and once again she proves to be a brilliant vocalist as her talent truly renders this track particularly enchanting. In the midst of waves of of sheer melancholia intensely distorted guitars and strong bass phrases often increase the dark and heavier aspects of this song.   

“My Will Be Done” becomes immediately darker as sharp guitar riffs and a relentless rhythmic section borrow the bold patterns of extreme metal, an influence evidently enhanced also by the fiery growls, yet there is an underlying complexity that spontaneously blend diverse primordial and modern tones.

The title track begins with thrilling heavy guitar blasts but will morph into a more delicate, at times absolutely ethereal, ensemble where unusual melodic segments and Agnete’s poetic vocals will create a surreal sonic realm that will return throughout the song creating a perennial contrast with the darkened doom moments.

The fierce guitar riffs of “White Snow, Red Shadows” are simply irresistible leading to memorable grooves and wild syncopated rhythms yet despite the song’s intricacy fueled by the several remarkable tempo/style variations there is a main melodic momentum that, graciously embellished by Agnete’s vibrant vocals, will become addictive at the first listening.

“Waiting To Fall” is a particularly complex track that might not have an immediate impact as there is a lot going on. Starting with a generous dose of Nordic melancholia and refined melodies, that will recur with growing urgency, the song will often embrace an enigmatic darkness amplified by the grave doom metal tonalities of the harsh guitar riffs while the contemplative dramatic moments are always enriched by Agnete’s passionate vocals.

It’s a great pleasure to see Madder Mortem in excellent shape on the new dazzling effort “Marrow” which feels like another fascinating milestone in the band’s sonic evolution bringing refreshing creative dynamics & avant-garde tonalities to the naturally darkened essence that thrives in each song.

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