Wolfheart – Constellation Of The Black Light

Winter metal is back and is here to stay as Finnish band Wolfheart, fronted by multi-instrumentalist Tuomas Saukkonen, return with the epic soundscapes of the new effort “Constellation Of The Black Light” which has all the elements and the intensity necessary to leave a mark in the current metal scene.

Already with the massive mini opus that is the album opener “Everlasting Fall” it becomes clear that this new music journey will be quite impressive. Starting with the perfect dose of immensely melancholic arpeggios and wintry atmospheric nuances Wolfheart creates an authentic Nordic soundscape later shaped by elegant orchestrations followed by the extra cold tonalities of sharp guitar riffs and more ferocious blackened rhythmic sections that will be aptly enhanced by monumental growls, yet an inspired melodic ensemble featuring soothing sorrowful lead melodic guitars will always emerge through such waves of remarkable faster relentless grooves.

Since the very beginning “Breakwater” unleashes pure blackened fury as frenetic guitar riffs dominate the song’s structure yet the enchanting softer acoustic moments and the refined orchestral tapestries lingering in the background continue to hold the same passionate melancholy that feels so crucial within the whole album.

When “The Saw” begins tempo is considerably slowed down to focus more on the emotive & sad melodies naturally crafted by waves of dismal guitar riffs, detailed acoustic harmonies and sophisticated orchestral arrangements but the band is also ready to offer several heavier instrumental dynamics and wrathful growls.

With roaring drums “Warfare” gets you ready for the battlefield with faster enraged grooves yet such aggressive approach and ardent feelings are ultimately balanced by the graceful melodic grandeur created by recurring charming lead guitars and sumptuous orchestrations.

Among fiery guitar riffs a profound melancholy is meant to have an essential role on the closing track “Valkyrie” where the vibrant melodic lead guitar work will certainly stand out for the poignant tonalities and the smooth musicianship surrounded by shrouds of cold nostalgia courtesy of emotional atmospheric arrangements and piano phrases.

In terms of songwriting Wolfheart has certainly reached higher levels as “Constellation Of The Black Light” is a triumph of harmonious darkness and heartfelt emotions, something you will desperately need to comfort you during the upcoming long winter nights.

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