The Vintage Caravan – Gateways

In the beginning there were three young Icelandic schoolboys passionate about music that might have not known yet that The Vintage Caravan was foreordained to conquer the music scene and now the fourth studio album “Gateways” will prove once more the band’s creative force and bright future.

Despite the enigmatic initial atmospheric tonalities “Set Your Sights” is ready to hit you in the face with healthy rock grooves courtesy of steady retro tinged guitar riffs that keep on rolling with some heavier dynamics to reach the explosive punch of the solo.

“Reflections” gradually builds up a faster guitar driven groove well supported by the vibrant rhythmic section, where the bold bass lines truly stand out, yet there are several emotionally charged melodic moments as lead guitars and vocals can acquire a sweet psychedelic magic in proper ‘70s fashion.

With a dreamlike introductive arpeggios and soulful vocal harmonies “On The Run” holds a gentle melancholia yet will gain extra crunchy dynamics as the whole rhythmic section is ready to deliver bold rock progressions leading to a generously fuzzy melodic guitar solo.  

“Hidden Streams” offers several soaring rhythmic segments borrowing the catchy vibes of timeless classic rock as guitars gallop relentlessly through hazy and often deeply psychedelic soundscapes.

“Nebula” warmly welcomes you to a proper trippy psychedelic realm where the signature Nordic melancholy is always present as the rhythm becomes dramatically contemplative allowing the brilliant melodic guitar progressions and solo to steal the spotlight without sacrificing a proper dosage of heavier rock riffage.

“Tune Out” feels like the most complex track on the album and certainly gives you a good idea of The Vintage Caravan main music vision. With a distinct bluesy rock influence gentle melodic guitars focus on a softer approach that will eventually acquire complexity through versatile progressions and a powerful rhythmic crescendo while vocals naturally shift between a poetic mood and a rougher seasoned rocker style.

More than ever The Vintage Caravan demonstrates a genuine love for heavy classic rock and that exquisite sense of nostalgia mixed with a refreshing energy and ambitious dreams can be found all over “Gateways”.

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