Soulfly – Ritual

Fronted by legendary Max Cavalera, Soulfly has been active for more than two decades and now the band wants to prove that the tribe is stronger than ever, in fact the latest album “Ritual” seems to possess the tribal energy and spiritual strength necessary to leave a mark in the current metal scene.

The title track is the sonic realm where brutal & tribal embrace as it opens the album with the primitive energy of tribal chants and introduces a massive guitar driven groove that feels increasingly heavier and ferocious also due to the relentless shredded guitar solos and Max’s angered vocals.

Featuring Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God “Dead Behind The Eyes” feels rather menacing as extra gritty guitar riffs wildly follow a faster rhythmic assault immersed in apocalyptic atmospheres yet through such brutal momentum Marc Rizzo manages to deliver darkened melodies and fierce soloing.

One of the coolest tracks on the album “Under Rapture”, featuring immensely ominous growls courtesy of Ross Dolan of Immolation, will trigger a non-stop moshpit with the perfect dosage of ruthless guitar riffs and consequent addictive savage grooves constantly guided by the arcane tribal spirit evoked by Zyon Cavalera’s thunderous drumming.

“Demonized” begins with darkened melodic guitars and a slightly contemplative mood but this initial peaceful moment will give way to another solid round of killer guitar riffs & tribal percussions and in general the whole instrumentation and song’s structure showcases profound death/thrash metal influences.

“Blood On The Street” screams tribal at the very beginning with an intriguing combo of flute harmonies and captivating percussions, which will return even stronger in the final part of the song, swiftly followed by steady malevolent guitar riffs and vicious drum blasts built to ensure a headbanging galore.

On the closing instrumental track “Soulfly XI” the mood drastically and unexpectedly changes leaving behind any sign of brutality as spiritual vibes become more palpable through melancholic acoustic guitars and dreamy saxophone melodies.  

It will be immediately clear that Soulfly have somehow acquired a renewed creative force which leads to the impactful soaring grooves that make “Ritual” the right album to triumphantly represent the band’s legacy.

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