Finnr’s Cane – Elegy

Canadian atmospheric black metal stalwarts Finnr’s Cane are ready to reach the next milestone in their music journey with the third album “Elegy”.

You can perceive the emotional nature of “Willow” since the very beginning as dreamy atmospheric textures and uplifting melodies surround and embrace the obscure dynamics of the blackened rhythmic momentum.  

The title track amplifies the dark aspects of the album as somber guitar riffs slowly build surreal dreadful soundscapes accompanied by soothing vocal harmonies that will eventually become distant desperate screams through multiple waves of mournful guitar melodies.

“Empty City” is a heartfelt highly atmospheric music piece where refined orchestral arrangements become the main focus crafting peaceful harmonies spontaneously followed by sentimental piano melodies and minimalist gentle acoustic guitars.

“A Sky Of Violet And Pearl” feels more enigmatic as the initial mix of primordial blackened guitar riffs and dismal growls will depict the most somber scenario dragging the listeners into a realm of supreme darkness yet later the song will embrace a dreamy soundscape with a generous dosage of undiluted melancholia channeled by delicate piano & strings phrases.

In the midst of sheer desolation Finnr’s Cane aim to broaden their music vision to ultimately create a unique sonic experience on “Elegy” which definitely contains familiar elements of extreme metal but focuses on a wider range of contrasting feelings and tonalities.

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