Farsot/ColdWorld – Toteninsel

German bands Farsot and ColdWorld joined forces to dedicate the new split album ”Toteninsel” to the Austrian Symbolist Arnold Böcklin’s most famous and mysterious painting Toteninsel (“isle of the dead”).

On “Erde I” Farsot hypnotizes the audience with the peaceful feelings channeled by darkly gentle arpeggios floating through dreamy atmospheres yet this soothing calm will often fade into a blackened sonic void where desperate growls and distorted guitar riffs become the main focus.

“Erde II” maintains a dark mysterious aura yet Farsot choose to focus exclusively on the minimalist beauty of soft acoustic guitar phrases and refined atmospheric crescendos.

On “Wasser I” ColdWorld creates elegant harmonies and subtle atmospheres that constantly evoke ethereal seaside soundscapes yet there is also a darker momentum featuring melancholic distorted guitar riffs.

“Wasser II” becomes harsh and notably heavier as blackened guitar riffs take the spotlight and the atmosphere inevitably acquires gelid tonalities which match the arcane old school black metal mood yet ColdWorld still delivers some contemplative melodic segments.

“Toteninsel” dwells in a rather dark sonic realm where Farsot and ColdWorld comfortably express monochromatic emotions and naturally follow their signature music pathway.


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