Eye Of Nix – Black Somnia

Avant-garde collective Eye Of Nix is ready to put a spell on you with the gloomy artistic vision of the album “Black Somnia” reissued by Prophecy Productions.

“Wound And Scar” would sound quite hostile to the average listener as the band focuses on an enigmatic ensemble of dark melodic echoes, tormented screams and aggressive guitar riffs marching fiercely in blackened fashion through surreal ominous atmospheric soundscapes.

On “Fear’s Ascent” extremely dramatic clean vocals flow through shapeshifting layers of anguished gothic style melodies, mournful atmospheres and steady menacing rhythmic segments featuring occasional faster drum pace.

“Lull” has calmer yet profoundly mysterious tonalities amplified by bewitching vocals yet will later acquire psychedelic vintage vibes through intriguing guitar progressions and consequent rhythmic crescendo.  

“A Hideous Visage” showcases hints of doom and heavier roots as guitars deliver cold energetic bursts through massive darkened atmospheric arrangements within a nightmarish soundscape that naturally conveys the band’s beautiful and harsh music vision.

From a realm of eternal darkness Eye Of Nix emerges as a unique sinister force that on “Black Somnia” naturally generates the unusual macabre blend of atmospheric nuances and blackened momentum.

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