Witchsorrow – Hexenhammer

Hampshire doom metal trio Witchsorrow is ready to unleash a solid collection of uncompromising hymns to darkness on the latest full length “Hexenhammer”.

The title track belongs to the darkest depths of doom metal fiercely and confidently packed with an overdose of super heavy guitar riffs, evidently inspired by timeless doom masters such as Candlemass and Cathedral, which later embark on a downward spiral while maintaining cohesive grooves but also delivering occasional funereal melodic progressions.

“The Devil’s Throne” continues to offer massive guitar driven grooves that bear the hellish doom mark as extremely thick riffs gallop wildly following a faster often more aggressive rhythmic ensemble.

The unholy textures of “Demons Of The Mind” create an intensely darkened sonic realm where obscurity increases as heavy guitar riffs take the center stage accompanied by ominous howling vocals that at times become even more desperate and scorned to match the infinite gloom of dramatically slower hypnotic doom dynamics.

There is no light or hope within the lengthy epic final track “Like Sisyphus” as a series of detailed doom crescendos bearing monumental nightmarish tonalities create passionately tenebrous grooves but guitars will eventually follow painfully slow rhythmic variations confidently dictated by thick bass lines through a hazy darkened realm.

Arising from the void “Hexenhammer” doesn’t require any special effect to fully express its inner demons and darkened tonalities as Witchsorrow are clearly devoted to authentic traditional doom metal.

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