Aeternus – Heathen

Norwegian Dark Metallers Aeternus arise from the renowned prolific Bergen metal scene with the release of the eighth full-length album “Heathen” which feels particularly meaningful as it marks the band’s 25th anniversary.

“Hedning” begins with utmost melancholy, a feeling that will return during the soothing guitar solo, elegantly channeled by smooth arpeggios that introduce a darker & heavier soundscape where massive growls ultimately amplify the blackened guitar grooves.

“Conjuring The Gentiles” satisfies your need for ravenous guitar riffs, fiery growls and a faster deeply blackened rhythmic section and all these elements evoke constant ominous vibes yet the song will ultimately morph into a melodic ensemble as guitars deliver somber and dreamy progressions.

“Boudica” can sound frenetic with plenty of crunchy guitar driven grooves bearing hints of death metal influences but such extreme approach doesn’t compromise the refined guitar melodies and dismal atmospheres that will become the song’s highlights.

“Illa Mayyit” holds a mystical aura that stands out in the melodic passages and exotic tonalities while the band’s extreme metal roots often emerge with the increasing darkened intensity of the fast menacing drums and the fervent guitar riffing.

On the new opus “Heathen” Aeternus has a clear music pathway in mind and the necessary renewed creative force to deliver a solid absolutely darkened collection of songs.

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